Marketing, Email, Social, and Web Content Developer

I make customer inboxes the most exciting place to visit on the web.

Good email is making a comeback! But owning your customers' inbox requires trust. A promise may get your foot in the door but value added wins your right to stay. I am a marketing manager with 6+ years experience in developing data-driven meaningful content.

What I do.

I'm an email marketing top honcho and content consultant based in Phoenix, AZ. Currently operating as the Marketing Manager for WPMU DEV, a WordPress managed hosting and SaaS provider, I plan, create, and send content to our mailing list of +1 million subscribers and manage blog content for over 20,000 daily readers. Email content I develop includes automations, newsletters, system notifications, and on-boarding, across EMSs like MailChimp, Mixpanel, system email, and Drip. I helped to develop our play book documentation and lead the talent search for our growing team of content marketers.

Who I am.

I'm a dad to 5 (is that weird to lead with?) and husband to a better woman. I find joy in working for and in diversity. My passions include community development, vinyl, good coffee, good food, family, and adding value to cool things. The most ridiculous thing I've ever done was climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and compete in an olympic qualifying marathon without training.